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Is my pet in pain or just getting old?

To help identify signs of pain in older pets that are often mistaken for old age, watch the video to see if your pet is suffering from mobility-related pain.

As cats and dogs get older, there are many visible signs of them aging, such as greying around the muzzle, sleeping more and exercising less. There are also subtler signs that are commonly mistaken for signs of aging, that are actually signs of pain, including behavioural changes as well as alterations to your pet’s physical activities.

The signs include:

  • Difficulty getting up after resting
  • Hesitant to climb stairs or jump up 
  • Reluctant to exercise
  • Reduced affection or interaction
  • Resting more – especially in one place
  • Less tolerant of other pets and people
  • Often licking/chewing paws or joints
  • Limping or general stiffness while walking
  • Lacklustre appearance
  • Overgrown nails

If you have a pet over the age of 7, please take a couple of minutes to watch our video.