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For peace of mind when things go wrong

Why take out pet insurance?

Pet insurance is an important part of responsible pet ownership and alongside the British Small Animal Veterinary Association (BSAVA) we recommend that our clients take out a pet insurance policy. If your pet suffers from an unexpected illness or injury you do not want to have to compromise the veterinary treatment of care they receive due to the financial costs associated. Pet insurance provides financial help towards paying veterinary bills which can escalate quickly.

What to look for in a pet insurance policy?

Pets can develop illnesses that need lifelong treatments such as diabetes or skin conditions, from a very young age. Not all pet insurance is the same and different policies will provide different levels of cover for your pet, so it is important to choose your policy carefully to match your pets needs. Ask the following 5 key questions:

  1. Will this policy cover ongoing conditions for the rest of my pets life?
  2. Does this policy cover congenital and hereditary illness?
  3. Does this policy cover dental treatment and behavioural problems?
  4. Will you place exclusions at renewal on this policy?
  5. Will you increase my premium or excess if I claim?

Understanding what a policy will or will not cover will help you to make a more informed decision and choose a pet insurance policy that meets the needs of you and your pet.

Making a claim

In the unfortunate event that your pet has an accident, illness or emergency and you need to make an insurance claim you will need to contact your insurance provider to obtain an insurance claim form. You then need to fill in the owner section of the form and hand it in to our receptionists. Our staff will then fill in the veterinary information and forward the insurance claim on to your insurance provider with the relevant information and patient history attached.

There are two ways in which you can elect to receive your insurance payment. At Shore Vets we offer direct claims with some nominated insurance companies. To make a direct claim, whereby you select for the insurance company to pay the vet direct, you will be responsible for paying your excess at the time of treatment and depending on your insurance policy may also be liable for a percentage of the total final bill. We charge an additional £15 initial administration fee per condition and £7.50 administration fee for subsequent claims made for the same condition.

Alternatively, you can select for your insurance to pay you, the policy holder, directly back into your bank account. We request that you pay in full at the time of treatment and similarly hand in a completed insurance claim form. We will process it in the same manner and you will expect to be reimbursed directly. We do not charge any administration fees for this service.

Our Pet Health Club members benefit from no administration fees on direct insurance claims.

If you have any insurance related questions please don’t hesitate to contact our staff members at the practice via phone, email or in person.